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Culture : Le Maillot Hechter, un symbole historique du PSG Paris Saint Germain.

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The Hecter Jersey, a historic symbol of PSG.

In 1973, the famous couturier and president of PSG, Daniel Hechter designed the iconic blue jersey with the central red stripe framed by white edging. Except for the 1974/1975 season, the Hechter style shirt remained the home shirt until 1981.

The first real “Fuoriclasse” in the history of Paris Saint-Germain, Mustapha Dahleb has pledged unfailing loyalty for 10 seasons at PSG.

Hechter's inspiration doesn't come from the famous Ajax Amsterdam shirt, as many think, but from a Ford Mustang. The Parisian stylist took as a model the central band on the bonnet which extends onto the roof of the mythical car.